Top 10 Kids Long Sleeved Tops | Summer/Autumn 2017

We have made it through most of summer holidays – high five! And not to worry, this does not mean the end of summer, as it’s usually still warm in September. I find at this time of year I tend to dress my kids in long sleeve tops, as it’s sunny but there’s a slight chill, yet not cold enough to wear a jacket. With that in mind, I have put together my Top 10 of Kids Long Sleeved Tops for Summer/Autumn 2017.


1)_Llama Sweatshirt 0-2 years, Esprit £20

I LOVE the print on this sweatshirt! First of all, it’s a llama – how different is that?! And how the llama has a furry effect so it’s a bit 3D, that really caught my eye.

2) Little Bird by Jools Hello Bye Bye Tee 0– 8 years, Mothercare £7 – £9

The colours are so cheerful, I had to include this, even though it’s out of stock online. But you never know, they might make some more!

3) Toasty Sweatshirt 0-6 years, Tobias & The Bear £30

How sweet is this toast print. I like the look of those cutesy Japenesey-style characters, with their cute eyes!

4) Black Tie T-Shirt 0-8 years, Oh Baby London £10

For that smart, casual look 😉 Ever since dressing my kids up for my brother’s wedding, I now love them looking all dressed up!

5) Comic Long Sleeved Tee 2-9 years, Esprit £11

Because kids love superheroes and this one is really cute. I love anything that looks hand illustrated too.

6) Striped Sweatshirt 0-6 years, Mothercare £8-9

You know me, I love a nautical top – especially for those late summer seaside trips.

7) Velvet Number 1 Top 0-2 years, Esprit £13

Long-sleeved tee that have different coloured arms just look good on boys J

8) Cotton Rich Applique Top 0-5 years, M&S £8 -£9

This one appeals to the graphic designer in me, the geometric style and the fact that it’s a swan!

9) Jersey Long Sleeved Top with a Pretty Print 2-9 years, Esprit £13

It’s just so pretty, need I say any more?!

10) London Transport Long Sleeved Top 0-6 years, Next, £5.50 – £6

For those transport obsessed boys like Tyler, or indeed girls like Lily, I think this one may be of interest 😀

So how does that look? Kids have a pretty cool choice of tops this season, I am jealous.

Which one is your fave? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a soft spot for the Llama and the Swan prints J

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post


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