Summer Holidays AKA Vlogust | Week 4

Come the fourth week of Vlogust, I must admit I was getting a bit tired of filming and took a break on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s vlog explains why and gives a little catchup on what we got up to – mainly involving electric trains, Maidenhead and Windsor and getting drenched by waterfalls. Then I filmed a bit of normal life at home – have a watch if you’re curious:

Day 23 : Chatty Catchup and Normal Life at Home

Next is one of my favourite videos, full of cuteness and little miniature things. Lily is just adorable stumbling along and discovering things, while Tyler is in train heaven. Can you believe we spent 6 HOURs at Bekonscot?!?!

Day 24 | Surprise Trip to Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

The following day I took the kids on a Central Line adventure to Stratford and we had a picnic in the Olympic Park with one of my best friends and her son. It was a gloriously hot day, could not have asked for better weather.

Day 25 | Picnic at the Olympic Park, Stratford

And finally a video about me finally getting my boy a bike – and putting it together and the boy learning how to ride for the first time. Milestone or what?!

Day 26 | First Bike

And that leads us to the last week of Vlogust, which I’ll be filming in Kent! I have so enjoyed making these little videos, I’ll kind of miss it when it’s over. Well at least I feel I’ve learnt about editing now, and making videos short and snappy. I think I have improved. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching them!

Sabrina x


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