Me and Mine | August 2017

We have come to the end of August, a month that has been full of fun and laughter, sunshine and rain, and plenty of family time. I wish this month could be longer! We had our Me and Mine photos taken towards the beginning of the month, it feels like ages ago now. Thanks to Aunty Brat AKA my sister for taking them.


And we HAD to have a family photo taken on our 8 year wedding anniversary! Thank you to Agee AKA my mother-in-law for taking this photo.


What have we loved this month?

Me: EVERYTHING! Not getting up for the school run for a start and not having to make packed lunches. Planning fun days with my kiddos, having Tyler around and watching the siblings play together. Train adventures, grandparents days, and having a date night for the first time in a year! And I have been having the most fun filming and making Vlogust videos.

The husband: Reading festival, football season started, Lily’s front two teeth, Tyler’s big giant smile, and mummy cow taking him out to little trips everywhere.

Tyler: Tyler has loved everything about being on summer holidays, all the days out, the time at home to actually play with all his toys, watching Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3 at the cinema and playing with all his Cars 3 toy cars that his Uncle Zu got him. He has also loved watching Storks on Sky, and Peppa’s Australian Adventure. He has loved having the mattress out in the living room so he can jump on it and have day time naps. He’s loved having sleepovers at the grandparents. Phrases he seems to be saying are “Howabout ‘insert idea’, that sounds like a good idea?!” and he keeps describing things Lily does with ‘certainly’ – like “She certainly likes to play!”

Lily: Shoes shoes shoes. She has loved bringing me her shoes, saying “shooees” and then sitting down with her feet out ready for the shoes to be put on. Pulling shoes and clothes out of storage, ‘reading’, ripping library books (that’s Tyler’s input), pulling flowerheads off whenever she is outside, climbing up slides, being pushed on swings, having her hair done up. Chocolate pancakes, Quavers, breadsticks. Looking out of the window at trains, playing with trains on the wooden tracks as opposed to breaking the tracks. Peppa Pig. Drinking out of a normal cup, and straws. Climbing up the sofa, sitting on normal chairs and picnic benches, swinging her legs.

August, you have been awesome!


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